Private SCHOOL | Grades 9-12

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Prospect Grove is a private academic high school licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We are part of the DARS Corporation and service students from the Manos and SIL Programs. We offer residents a rigorous, yet flexible year-round high school education.

our Approach

PGHS provides an excellent opportunity for credit advancement since courses are completed and credits awarded in 8-week intervals. Our academic focus concentrates on advancing student knowledge and skills in the core content areas: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Although students are attending our school, they will still be registered students of their home district. Credits/transcripts are transferrable, allowing for a seamless transition back to a student’s home school, should that be the desired option.

Many clients who enter the Manos House or SIL Programs have a history of inconsistent academic performance and need to make up credits. We offer opportunities for credit recovery through independent work. Prospect Grove is also acknowledged as a GED testing site. This allows clients the opportunity to enroll in GED classes, prepare for the tests, and take the exam, without leaving the school setting.

Our teachers are state certified and display a passion for their subject areas. We strive to provide a rigorous academic program that focuses on student accountability. Through differentiated instruction, we encourage students to take responsibility for their education by emphasizing the importance of life-long learning. We offer small class instruction, with the average teacher to student ratio of 1:10. This setting allows teachers to provide individual attention to each student and create lessons that focus around the student’s unique learning needs. It also allows the opportunity for self-evaluation of individual learning styles.

We have a Special Education teacher on staff to meet the needs of students with Individualized Education Plans. Time is spent evaluating and compiling progress that is being made toward goals and adjusting them when necessary. This position affords us the opportunity to provide one-on-one tutoring, when needed, and classroom support.

The Right Path For You

Upon entering PGHS, each student is assessed and their academic record is reviewed. Depending on the outcome, the student is placed in one of the four distinct paths that we offer.​

The Traditional Path
Focuses on students earning credits to assist with transition back to their home school. Independent work may be offered as an option to allow a student to make up credit deficiencies and ensure that they are back on track, academically.
The Graduation Path
For those students who have completed the majority of their required high school credits, this provides the opportunity to earn a PGHS diploma prior to leaving the program. PGHS requires the state minimum of 21 credits to graduate. The student will also be able to participate in one of our 3 graduation ceremonies.
The GED Path
This is offered to those who are interested in obtaining their General Equivalency Diploma. All students who pursue this option will be enrolled in classes specific to the GED and will be tested at our onsite testing center.
The Post-High School Path
This path is for students who have previously earned either their high school diploma or their GED. These students work one-on-one with the school Transition Counselor to develop transitional goals to either further their education or directly enter the work force. Students have monitored access to a modern computer lab, which they can utilize to research colleges and complete college applications, complete and submit job applications, research and apply for scholarships, complete FAFSA and PHEAA applications for student financial aid, and develop resumes and cover letters, all under the remote supervision of staff. Students in this path can opt to take SAT or ACT standardized tests in order to meet college application requirements, and have access to study guides to facilitate and further their preparation for these exams. The Metrix Learning Program is also offered to enhance job training, employability, technical, and interpersonal skills.

"I thought I would drop out - but PGHS helped me see more..."

Sample work from some clients in our leadership program