Manos House

Males 14-18

Residential short and long term treatment programs.

Manos House is a residential treatment program for adolescent males, which provides an array of counseling services in a safe and supportive environment.  Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere and motivation for our clients to change their life direction. 

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Private high school

Young men can earn their GED or High School Diploma at our private accredited 9-12 grade school on our campus.

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hands on learning

Learning is both academic and therapeutic - with art, music, auto, physical fitness, and more all available weekdays and weekends.

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private & group counseling

Private sessions as well as group therapy are on-site with experienced and trained staff.

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leadership & Service

As young men advance in the program, more opportunities are given to develop trust, leadership, and serve peers and their community.

Clients are afforded an array of treatment services to address their individualized needs and to grow their strengths including:

Therapy Services: Individual, family and group therapy sessions focused on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change model.  Additionally, Change Companies Keep It Direct and Simple journals on subjects of “Why Am I Here,” “My Substance Use,” “My Twelve-Step Program,” “My Feelings,” “My Family,” “Relationships & Communication Skills,” “How We Think,” “How We Change,” “Building Strong Values,” and “Moving Forward” highlight core concepts appropriate for the adolescent using a nonjudgmental focus on positive, strength-based strategies so that they are able to learn the tools and skills to make meaningful, lasting change in their lives.

Keep It Direct & Simple Journal Series from the Change Companies

Aggression Replacement Training: Intensive ten-week life-skills program that teaches effective tools for solving problems, making decisions, and interacting positively in social situations. This course is taught by trained facilitators utilizing Evidence Based Practices. Learn more about ART here.

Family Engagement: Families are encouraged to join us for a variety of therapeutic and recreational opportunities including family orientation, regular family counseling sessions with individualized family education resources, the spring family carnival, summer chicken barbeque, thanksgiving celebration, graduation festivities, monthly family writing circles and ongoing weekend visitation. 

Mental Health Services: In collaboration with community resources, clients are able to receive psychiatric services, grief and loss counseling, as well as trauma-informed care.

Referral and Aftercare: Manos House offers help beyond its walls by referring discharged clients to outpatient clinical providers.  Psychiatric services and vocational needs are also addressed to ensure an effective transition from treatment to the community.  Our Certified Recovery Specialist assists with these services.

Certified Recovery Specialist

Lamar McClean

Phone: 717-285-0420 ext. 1218. 

Email Lamar directly using the form here:

Recovery Groups: Recognizing the effectiveness of the twelve-step philosophy, clients are able to attend both on-site and community-based Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Additionally, Manos House is licensed through the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs.

Elective Opportunities: Striving to utilize a strengths-based approach, clients are able to explore interests associated with our music studio, art studio, computer lab, online college courses, exercise rooms, wellness elective class and a basic cooking elective course.

Religious Activities: Opportunities to participate in regularly scheduled religious activities within the treatment program, as well as through community-based religious organizations.

Recreation: Scheduled activities provide clients with opportunities to explore community opportunities such as rock climbing, theater, pottery crafting, sporting events, bubble ball and more.

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change begins here.

Changing a life is not a product of a good lesson, a positive session, a great speaker, or a good book - it is the fruit of embracing truth over time - and it begins here.

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