Fall Harvest Celebration

The Fall Season Activities hit Manos House hard these last couple of months! There were things to do everywhere!

During group therapy, clients and staff went for a walk through the property, collecting leaves. After the leaves were laminated, each member wrote an affirmation to their fellow group members as an exercise to increase empathy and positivity for one another. They are displayed at the entrance of the building.

Other activities include a monster drawing contest, donut eating competition, mummy making contest, and a cookie to the face challenge!

Some staff members chose to dress up to celebrate Halloween. There was even an eerie nun spotted in the hallway once or twice.

History class even provided a brief look at the background of Halloween followed by a cookie decorating activity.

Like gravy, to top it all off, a Manos House Thanksgiving Family Feast was held where clients, family, friends, and staff gathered together for some delicious food and delightful conversation.

It sure is a sweet time of year!

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